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Barrack Obama’s “Third-World-Leader” Syndrome.

I must assert that I have no issues with the people of the so-called third world. For the sake of a lasting earth and its inhabitants of all kinds, the people of the materialistically defined third world are very important as they are brought up to survive on their basic needs. My classification of first- and third world are purely based on the then (1960s) existing materialistic considerations. These classifications have no connection to the quality of their historic lifestyles.

I have over my (seventy) years built up considerable contempt for those who claim to be leaders of the Third World. These leaders benefit personally from the first world by the projection of human “miseries” in their “third world” countries to the first world. Their theme has always been “Promise Salvation for the poor and be ‘salvated’” yourself. I call this behaviour the “Third-Word-Leader-Syndrome”.

Barrack Obama, has, in my opinion, exploited his background to now possess all the qualities of a bad Third-World Leader. I expect that this behavior has nothing to do with his birth-grounds and I expect it to be typical of people of many ambitious people of any origin. As such, Obama should not be leading a world that is expected to lead the world.

I am writing this blog because I am severely disappointed by Barrack Obama. Its by the ending that one judges the greatness of a beginning; its not by the promises of a beginning that one excuses the ailures at the end.

I am not writing this blog to persuade American voters to vote against Obama. I am writing this blog to give a reason for his being voted out. It is possible that Obama has god on his side and Sandy the storm is Obama’s make-me-a-dream sandman. In this case, I keep quiet and “Hail Obama” for his second chance. Otherwise ... I continue.

It seems that for the last election Obama had the advantage of facing Bush and the disenchantment of single Americans with their conservative family-values. This time around there is no Bush-beating, there is a healthy cheerful Romney face with solid family values, and single Americans going back to live with their families and relishing traditional family values (I hope).

This blog is actually the culmination of an intended single blog which was to show how Barrack Obama disappointed the simple folks of America. I thought I would include the role of the Christian religion in forming the mindset of conservative voters. I thought I would rely on Alfred Freddoso’s analysis which led me to David Freddoso his son and his book on Obama. I have eventually ended up with this as the fifth blog in the sequence starting with “King Arthur as President....”

The section “Third World Of Chicago” has become lengthy since I think that the era between 1967 and 1968 when the youth world changed from hippie (early 1960s) to yippie (1967-69) was an important period in my younger days although I could not go through the yuppie (early 1980s) phase try as much as didn’t.

I have indulged in my memories a bit. It is this 67-68 era of change that saw the birth of the Marxist-Leninist Naxalite movement in Bengal. This movement led to the butchering of some of the most intelligent young men of Bengal; who, on hindsight, would have found better justice in USA even if their movement was intrinsically anti-American.

I hope I have not been too harsh on President Obama. I really hope he comes back ... later.

The Third World Syndrome: A case study of third-world scientists.

Part of my anger comes from the desire of some of my fellow scientists to be “salvated” with their Third World Identity. There is this Third World Academy of Sciences which is an off-shoot of an institute started (around 1963) by Professor Abdus Salam, a very first world-scientist. Salam did all of his pioneering work when he lived in the first world. There is this feeling among such first-world scientists from the so-called third-world countries that if they can do it when they are in the first world, fellow-scientists from the third world countries can also do the same --- if they had first-world environments.

“How can these “third world” scientists worry about broken symmetries and black holes when they have holes in their pockets and broken ceilings?” they would ask. These arguments are so compelling/appealing that every scientist, who claims to be important in the the third world, would have what they call “future” (always future) Nobel-prize factories with all the first-world luxuries. The first such laboratory in India was the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bombay. Abdus Salam did it with his International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy.

The idea of ICTP was to encourage scientists from the Third World to visit ICTP, spend few months listening to lectures by prominent scientists in various areas, be enlightened, get important contacts and ideas, go back to their countries thus enlightened and empowered to solve their country’s problems in an western way. Since western world scientists worried only about problems relevant to their societies, the solutions to indigenous third-world problems were rarely highlighted or even attempted.

What actually happened (in typical cases) was that ICTP became a breeding centre for third world scientists who would find post-doctoral positions in first-world laboratories. They would then go back to lead scientific research in laboratories built for them in their country with first-world equipments and working on first-world problems.

The decline in the importance of ICTP and suspicions of the Italian funders saw a shifting of excellence to SISSA (started in 1978) (an International Centre for advanced studies for Italians). The ICTP became a powerhouse for Third World scientists. A Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) was soon established (1983) and fellowships of TWAS was instituted so that FTWAS became as far as TW (instead of third world they may now call it southern) was concerned to be the closest equivalent of FRS or a fellowship of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. These FTWAS members found important funding from their countries for ICTP and more and more exclusively for TWAS.

At one stage the staff of ICTP would be very busy organizing limousines and exclusive hotel rooms for important visiting Third World Scientists. The staff had no time for lecturing Nobel Laureates with altruistic motives who would come by bus from the airport, stand in queues at the registering desk and carry their bags to their rooms.

It is this aspect of the Third World Leaders that I decry. Nobody should knowingly benefit nor knowingly claim to be a leader of a community that has been described in terms that are deemed to be relatively inferior as third world by first world or south vs north or white vs black or even poor vs rich.

I have my preference for all those who celebrate the festival of life in the May Festival sense (reflected in my blog of 29 sept 2012 King Arthur as President of Simple folks of America? Marx, Engels, Snark and Boojum).

Barrack Obama has exploited from the very beginning all that goes to his advantage by being part of all that is mentioned above. He has been a survivor who has grasped opportunities but he has hardly used these opportunities to be a leader.

Having precariously positioned myself thus, I have little else to do but to expand on this if only because I require to blog.

In this scenario the governance that is required is primarily that from the family itself, and the role of a government is to facilitate this daily life of self-governance and self-sustained good health, No self-respecting man wants charity even if it is the form of financially motivated health care scheme.

The Third World of Chicago

Till the late 20th century industrial production was mainly manual and a man’s wages was a product of his labour. They required a day of rest and in early non-religious pagan traditions they chose the first of May as a Labour day.

Historically, however, It is these attempts to celebrate Labour Day on May 1 that gave rise in USA to a Chicago mobarchy which still runs strong in American Politics and especially in the Democratic Party. In the context of America and Presidential Elections, it is this Chicago influence on Obama that forms the basis of his “Third World Leader” mentality.
2012 marks the 125th year after hanging of “anarchist” conspirators who were incredibly found to be guilty of conspiring to plot tragic incidents which are now known (and forgotten) as the massacre (or riot or affair) at Haymarket Square in Chicago. New gallows were set up public hanging as an example to gallows-fearing men ( not to forget that the gallows themselves had a bizarre ending.

A strike for an eight-hour work day on May 1, 1886, drew 350,000 workers nationwide, including some 40,000 strikers in Chicago. The hanged “conspirators” were really speakers at a rally in 1886, a few days after the May 1 strike, A bomb was said to have been thrown at this later rally which in some illustrations of that time spread over several blocks. It justified a ruthless firing by the police on “murderous rioteers” in which seven policemen were killed.

These “conspirators” had contrasting appearances )Fig 2 left) as compared to the policemen (Fig 2 top row right) who were killed. I suppose the intelligent looking people always look to politicians more dangerous than those who look like dumb thugs or murderers especially those who do what they are told to do. Some say the policemen at Haymarket square died (Fig 2 right bottom) in “friendly fire”--- a phrase that is now quite common among NATO soldiers fighting in alien country.
At this time, the most powerful labour union in the USA was said to be the Knights of Labour’s Union. The incident helped to end this Labour Union. In its place came the American Federation of Labour, that was to be founded by a Samuel Gompers, a Jewish immigrant from Holland belonging to a family of cigar-makers where he started his life as a child-labourer at the age of ten. Those were the days when cigar-making was considered a skilled craft. Samuel Gompers had the May-Day jest for life. He loved the mechanical part of cigar-making “ … which left us free to think, talk, listen, or sing. I loved the freedom of that work, for I had earned the mind-freedom that accompanied skill as a craftsman. I was eager to learn from discussion and reading or to pour out my feelings in song.” He became the president of the cigar makers union, dabbled in socialism, and made the quotable quote (according to Wikipedia) about socialist union leaders “… when men became enthusiastic about socialism, ‘they usually lost interest in their union’…”

More than eighty years later, the politics of USA would be shaken to its core and all its underbelly exposed because of a dissatisfaction with American Civil Rights issue and the failure of the American war effort in Vietnam. There was considerable anger among the young which saw the birth of several remarkable movements and violent political actions in late 1967-early 1968 (see In August of 1967, there was a National Students’ Association set up specifically to oppose the nomination of Lyndon Johnson. An attempt to form a third political party (National Conference for a New Politics) followed a couple of weeks later. This conference actually attempted to make Martin Luther King a presidential candidate with the famous American paediatrician, Benjamin Spock, as vice president. Simultaneously, there were anti-war Stop the Draft movements as well as attempts to block recruitments at the army induction centre.

It is around this time that Richard Joseph Daley made his more notorious appearance. From the book “Tea Perty Factor” by Wind-in-the-Trees (published by Xulon Press) we find that Daley was first elected Mayor of Chicago in 1955 and was mayor for 41 years till his death (1996) ruling the city and its political arena with an iron hand during that period, Daley was thought to be very corrupt ... so typically third-world-corrupt ... that many of his subordinates were jailed but he himself was never charged with corruption! I suppose these are the ways of the corrupt no matter which world it is.

The string of war reverses in Vietnam (Tet offensive, January 1968) made a very positive impact on anti-war sentiments. MOBE, a National Mobilization Committee tdo End war (Oct 1967) led by pacifists David Dellinger, and organized by notably by Rennie Davis and Tom Hayden, sought to mobilize (an week before Lyndon Johnson withdrew from the presidential race) an anti-war demonstration targeting against the possible nomination of Lyndon Johnson as a democractic candidate for president-ship. At a new year party on 31 Dec 1967, the yippie movement of YIP (Youth International Party) which was ostensibly –ism-less, leader-less. was created by Abbey Hoffmann and Jerry Rubin.

The YIPpie movement sought from the very beginning to draw attention by very controversial and sometimes very ridiculous demands. All that the yippies wanted was to be photographed Later in 1969 John Lennon would sing

Everybody's talkin' 'bout/ Bagism, shagism, dragism, madism, ragism, tagism/ This-ism, that-ism, ism ism ism/ All we are saying is give peace a chance/ All we are saying is give peace a chance

The character of Abbey Hoffmann was, to me, clock-work orange-ish (see rejoicing in “... articulate languages ...” and who “ ... With his companions, ... terrorizes the streets of a great city at night.... “. He prophesized early “A modern revolutionary group heads for the television station, not the factory. It concentrates its energy on infiltrating and changing the image system.” Hoffmann also realized “It's embarrassing when you try to overthrow the government and you wind up on the Best Seller's List”.

In March of 1968 Robert Kennedy decides to run for candidacy to Democratic Presidential Nomination quickly followed the decision of MOBE and YIP and other activists to demonstrate at the Chicago Convention and almost immediately.

Daley had several problems at hand because of the Democratic convention was to be held in Chicago in a very hostile anti-war atmosphere. The MOBE and the YIPpies decided to disrupt the convention by staging antiwar demonstrations. They decided to bring in anti-war demonstrations from all over the country. A week later Lyndon Johnson passes the Civil Rights Act which makes it a crime to cross state lines when intent to riot could be demonstrated.

Martin Luther King assassination came a few days later (4th April 1968). Senator Kennedy would be assassinated two months later (June 5). This act was followed by the Assassination of Martin Luther King. After the riots that followed Martin Luther King’s assassination, Daley is reported to have chastised police superintendent and said at a press conference: "I said to him (Police superintendent James B. Kiosk) very emphatically and very definitely that an order be issued by him immediately to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand, because they're potential murderers, and to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting."… Rev. Jesse Jackson, for example, called it "a fascist's response."

Robert Kennedy died of shots fired at him after he was celebrating his victory in a presidential primary, Robert Kennedy as President could have been a serious threat to the same people who assassinated his brother. A week after Robert Kennedy’s assassination, Benjamin Spock, the very popular and adored paediatrician among young mothers, was convicted for counselling draft evasion! Some would even say, when Spock became a presidential candidate for a pacifist party in 1972, that Spock was responsible in the bringing-up of the antiwar generation because of his unorthodox “spoiling-the-rod-and-sparing-the child” advices.

The killing of Robert Kennedy was similar to that of his very popular brother John Kennedy. It has always been suspected that the same forces were responsible for the death of the Kennedy brothers. There was after all the immediate danger that the President was likely to be honest and against the war machine. President Kennedy would say during his inaugural speech
Now the trumpet summons us again --- not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need --- not as a call to battle, though embattled we are --- but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, “rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation” --- a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease and war itself.”
The presidency of John Kennedy had been thought of as the Camelot years, with the (see simple people of USA looking hopefully at his presidency as that of a King Arthur rule of the mythical Camelot. Fitting this image was the President’s very charming queen Genevive – Jaqueline Kennedy. The presidency could have become after all that from the simple May-festival people!
A famous (Freudian?) slip of Daley’s tongue at this time was “Gentlemen, let’s get something straight. The police aren’t in the streets to create disorder; they are in the streets to preserve disorder.”

In end August 1968 the MOBE and YIP decided to call their protests the “Festival of Life” (Has against the “Convention of Death” a name they used for the Democratic convention. They planned outdoor concerts, nonviolent self-defense classes, guerrilla theater, and a “nude-in” on a Chicago beach. On Aug 23 they nominated (Fig 3 top right) Pigasusthe pig as their presidential candidate. On Aug 25 they launched the Festival of Life (Fig 3 bottom left) and riots broke out (Fig 3 top left). In the end of 1968 the iconic

Richard J. Daley’s Chicago became synonomous with polic brutality and corruption, The iconic LIFE magazine came out with an influential (Fig 3 bottom right) article on Corruption of Chicago Police.

The shaming of Chicago would not end there. Shades of the Haymarket affair eighty years earlier, would be seen in the infamous “Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial” that came up in 1968-69. The leaders of MOBE and YIP were among eight people were indicted on charges of crossing state lines with intent to riot in line with the newly-passed Civil Rights Act. The indictment hearings starts before the election and ends after the electrion of Richard Nixon.

The trial of the Chicago eight starts six months later. The trial became (I have used what I now vaguely remember refreshing my memory using sources from “The Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial” by Douglas Linder and from the Federal Judicial Centre, one of the most controversial if only because the judge behaved more like a prosecutor and the defendants behaved like circus artists trying to get as much media mileage as possible with their odd behaviour and dress. First of all, the judge Julius Hoffman (no relative of Abbey Hoffman) was a law partner with Richard Daley. .He started of the trial by holding defence attorneys for contempt of court, ordering their arrest, and getting some of them jailed! Hoffmann then had one of the originally indicted conspirators Bobby Seale, a co-founder of the Black Panther movement, bound and gagged (Fig 5 left) and severed from the case when Seale complained continuously for being denied a right to the lawyer of his choice.

One must read version on the “The Chicago Seven Trial (on LSD) by one Paul Krassner ( starts with
FBI files indicated that the government wanted to indict twenty individuals for conspiracy to cross state lines for the purpose of inciting a riot at the Chicago convention, but the grand jury wouldn’t go along with such a wholesale indictment, so the list had to be narrowed down. They removed Kathy Boudin of SDS. Although they were hesitant to indict Bobby Seale for lack of evidence, he was a prize, and they were willing to trade two white yippies for him, so Wolfe Lowenthal and Robin Palmer were both unindicted. Super-Joel’s indictment was dropped when an attorney for his grandfather, Mafia godfather Sam Giancana, managed to persuade them that not only did Super-Joel come from “a socially prominent family” in Chicago but also that he was mentally incompetent to stand trial. Stew Albert and I were taken off the list because they were afraid that we might use a freedom-of-the-press defense --- if we had crossed the state lines with merely the intent of getting a story, it wouldn’t matter if we incitd people to riot once we moved there.

The Chicago Conspirators (Fig 4 left) became Seven after Seale was removed. Hoffman reduced fifty four questions from the defence to the jurors aimed at revealing cultural biases (including "If your children are female, do they wear brassieres all the time?") to one ("Are you, or do you have any close friends or relatives who are employed by any law enforcement agencies?" )
Hoffmann was insulted by the defendants very often with Abbey Hoffmann calling him "... a perfect representative of a class of dinosaurs that is vengefully striking out against the future." Part of the judge’s anger must have been due to the deliberately provocative (I can say that now that I am seventy years old) attitude of the “... defendants (who) passed trial hours munching jelly beans, cracking jokes, offering editorial comments, making faces, reading newspapers, and sleeping” (Fig 5 middle and right).

Prosecutor: Where do you reside?
Hoffmann: I live in Woodstock Nation.
Prosecutor: Will you tell the Court and jury where it is?
Hoffmann: Yes. It is a nation of alienated young people. We carry it around with us as a state of mind in the same way as the Sioux Indians carried the Sioux nation around with them. It is a nation dedicated to cooperation versus competition, to the idea that people should have better means of exchange than property or money, that there should be some other basis for human interaction. It is a nation dedicated to--

Judge Hoffmann kept serving contempt notices to the defendants and their lawyers. Denied evidence from statements made by defendants when they were outside Chicago or that the alleged conspirators never met as a group. Among other statements made in their defence was Norman Mailer’s "Left-wingers are incapable of conspiracy because they're all egomaniacs" and Abbie Hoffman’s "Conspiracy? Hell, we couldn't agree on lunch." To this we may add how three Bengali communists become a storm in a tea-cup. By the end of the trial more than 200 citations for contempt were issued by the judge against the defendants and their attorneys.

In the end, jurors acquitted all defendants on the conspiracy charge, while finding the five defendants charged with having intent to incite a riot while crossing state lines guilty. One must give credit to the American Legal System of that time (contrary to the time of the Haymarket affair) since the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals would reverse all convictions because of the judge's refusal to allow unbiased inquiry into the potential cultural biases of jurors.

Incredible as it seems now, USA, and especially Chicago, began looking at that time very much like an imagined thug-world. Lennon would sing:
All I know is that I'm young and your rules they are old
If I've got to kill to live
Then there's something left untold
I'm no statesman I'm no general
I'm no kid I'll never be
It's the rules not the soldier
That I find the real enemy

Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii after the trials. Her mother had been influenced by these trials and these events. The genes had been formed.

Obama’s Chicago Connection.

Obama has used various contacts to leverage himself without taking that little element of risk that is beyond what is finally acceptable to the establishment. The information we get about him from the internet are the following:-
Saul David Alinsky (1909-1972) wrote Rules for Radicals on how to take power away from the haves for the have-nots. William Ayers (1944-) founder member of a terrorist group Weatherman (“Bring the terrorist home. Kill your parents) and son of the Chairman of the largest electricity unit in Illinois. Obama was hired as a summer associate and met his wife in a Chicago law firm of Sidley Austin an associate of Bill Ayers. Jeremiah Wright. a pastor of the predominantly black Trinity United Church of Christ and who married Obama and Michelle, is supposed to have said in one of his sermons shortly after 9/11 “… and now we are indignant, because the stuff we have done overseas is now brought back into our own front yards. America's chickens are coming home to roost." Obama would be racially balanced by saying he would disown the black community if he disowned Wright, “his old uncle”, as he would disown the white community if he disowned his white grandmother, Madelyn Dunham.

Obama kicks the ladder he uses to climb up (Which Third World Leader doesn’t?). He has dropped Wright during his presidential election campaign just as much as he has dropped Howard Dean and Rashidi, who organized the massive internet effort (see my blog Obama! Obama! Obama Mama Mia!”) to get him elected.

Obama probably got his first national attention when he spoke at the Democratic Convention to endorse John Kerry. In that 2004 convention speech Obama spoke in the typical style that Third World leaders do in First world Countries. They always speak of the poverty in their native country, highlight the difficulties and say with sad eyes if only their people had some help.

He talked about “My father ... a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya ... grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack. His ... grandfather — was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. ... my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America, that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before.” Obama would meet his father only once when he was ten years old.

Obama also wouldn’t miss talking about his moher’s father fighting the war “marching through Europe” signing up the day after Pearl Harbour and leaving his mother’s mother working in a bomber assembly line so as to raise her baby.
How his parents “shared ... an improbable (?!) love” ... Obama did not mention that his father was already married before he came to America.

Obama took the trouble to explain how he got his African name “barrack” meaning “blessed” although he took care not to mention that “barrack” is the short form for a muslim term “Mubarak” that means blessed (as in the greeting Eid Mubarak) nor did he mention his middle name “Hussein” (last descendant of Mohammed the prophet during Mohammed’s lifetime), So Barrack Hussain Obama.s name is really similar to Hosni Mubarak and we know the association between Hosni Mubarak and the Arab Spring.Obama would not mention “barrack” is a Hebrew word for “lightning” (see my Blog “Twentieth January 2009: Mubarak ho Obama” of 19th January 2009 for further third world characteristics of Obama).

Obama would continue with lines like : More work to do for the workers I met in Galesburg, Ill., who are losing their union jobs at the Maytag plant that’s moving to Mexico,” “More to do for the father that I met who was losing his job and choking back the tears, wondering how he would pay $4,500 a month” - More to do for the young woman in East St. Louis who has the grades, has the drive, has the will, but doesn’t have the money to go to college.”

Obama would write poetry in his youth. ““He pulls out forgotten dignity from under his flaking coat, and walks a straight line along the crooked world.” What would he write now? “He pulls out forgotten humility from his presidential jacket, and walks a crooked line in a straight world?”

Obama would speech “In a generous America you don’t have to be rich to achieve your potential”. I think what he should not have meant was that in a generous America you should be health-cared as a right.

Obama has not really tested his electability when the playing grounds are level. For his senate election he was helped by the withdrawal of one of the leading democratic candidates because of this candidate’s sexual indiscretions (“strategically leaked by his ex-wife”) and then his republican rival, rich school teacher Jack Ryan, who also had sexual indiscretions (watching live sex in a Paris bar) withdrew late into the contest giving little time to his replacement.
Johnson entrusted the handling of this convention to Richard Daley For this he

It is frightening to note that Barack Obama emerged from the ”seedy polical scene” of Chicago. A 2011 book titled “Gangster Government: Barack Obama and the New Washington Thugocracy” By David Freddoso makes interesting reading as far as details of Obama’s thuggery is concerned. Freddoso’s portrayal of Obama made Obama look like a toady: “A person who flatters or defers to others for self-serving reasons”. Gangster government views the private sector as its handmaiden and other times as its adversary. Such a description could make us Indians look upon US Americans as one of our type. One would imagine from the way our mass media channels broadcast the degeneration of Indian political standards that India must be one of the more brazenly corrupt countries in the world. It is hard then to imagine that a governor (Blagojevich) of a state (Illinois) assigned by United States Law to assign a replacement of its junior senator (Obama) to the post of the president of the United States of America, would put up for sale the appointment to the senate. It seemed to me, at that time, to be more ridiculous than the fictional but very realsitically directed scene of the selling/leasing of the Taj Mahal to an American (seventh richest man in the world according to the script) gangster in the movie “Bunty aur Babli”.

Among the references to Obama in David Freddoso’s book, ,any are quite familiar, One paragraph deals with Obama’s Blagojevich connection:-

Rezko made the first contributions to Obama’s political career and was in Obama’s fund raising committee for his senate race. Rezko raised nearly 15 million dollars . When Rezko became a bad name Obama woud identify only a quarter of a million dollar as coming from Rezko of which he donated more than half to non-profit groups. The buying and dealings of Obams’s Chicago house and his connections with Rezko and his wife has been glanced off by Obama who always convinces and is forgiven because of the sympathies he is endowed with by his origins. He also glanced away his former pastor Jeremiah Wright’s accusation at a 2008 Press Club that AIDS is a “genocidal plot” against blacks saying he became aware of such accusations only after his 2004 senate election. “Obama denounced ... Wright’s comments amd mot the person. Rezko comes from Syria (Aleppo) and Blagojevich’s mother comes from Siberia.

According to David Freddoso, when Obama became president his wife obtained a 200 per cent raise in salary in the University of Chicago hospital, a position that was removed after she became the first lady, As a thank you Obama, according to Freddoso, requested for a million dollar “earmark” for the hospital. That was the Chicago-Indian way of being in politics so as to help out your friends. The story goes that when Obama was short of money (he was earning only 60,000 dollars per year) he got one Blackwell to retain him as a a legal advisor for nearly 120,000 dollars in return for which Blackwell’s ping-pong company got 350,000 dollars for a tourism grant.

David Freddoso, has has been described by Obama’s campaign manager as “card-carrying member of the right-wing smear machine”. To Hollywood actors and left-wing liberals (like myself?) this assertion would be sufficient ground to blindly assert Obama’s status as a saint. But Freddoso has a solid family background. He is the son of Notre Dame Professor of Philosophy Alfred Freddoso writing scholarly articles on the teachings (Thomism) of saint St. Thomas Aquinas.

I should not be criticising Obama, as I preferred him to Bush to win the Presidential Election. I now realize that he could be a cold-blooded manipulative person of little personal learning and wisdom except that of survival. He is a really what may be termed as a carpetbagger (... politician who runs for public office in an area where he or she does not have deep community ties, or has lived only for a short time... Wikipedia) .

Because of his African descent, Obama has garnered all the sympathies reserved for the descendants of original African slaves in America. Obama has not been descended from an African American Family of many generations. He probably thinks he does not belong to that community and that he is above them because of the status of his mother’s family. Yet, Obama seems to have cashed in on all the sympathy for the struggle of Martin Luther King, all the music of Jazz in New Orleans, all the yearnings of black power, all the personalities of a Cassius Clay, and all the black muslim rhetoric and rap music. All that strangely uplifiting fight and glory of the native african American got transferred to Obama. It was aided by a big ground swell of anti-Bush anger.

Obama has now visited Afghanistan for 10 hours, he has said that he has saved Afghanistan, and he has withdrawn the troops.

The war has been won. It has served a defence industry purpose.

The bodies are packed in coffins in alien soils.

How much more tragic would dead Ruth have been when she laid in a coffin amidst the alien corn.

Obama has all the markings of a typical bad (there are good ones certainly) Indian politician whom all of the Indian upper class love to despise. The trouble with some intelligent politicians is that they find a good reason to make their deeds look less corrupt. For instance, if one has a friend in the sugar industry who wants to make more profit than what he would get by selling in India, one would plead the poverty of the Indian farmer and get restrictions on the export of sugar removed.

This reminds me one of Bertrand Russell’s (Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, 1919) famous quotes: “The method of 'postulating' what we want has many advantages ; they are the same as the advantages of theft over honest toil. Let us leave them to others and proceed with our honest toil”

I would not have have been angry with Obama if he was anybody else.

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